Text messaging, in many ways and to a certain level, has made communicating with people much easier and faster. According to studies, text messaging or SMS is overtaking phone calls as a method of mobile communication. Because of the numerous benefits of text messaging, even businesses, organizations and companies in various industries opt to make use of text messaging not only as a means of communication but also as part of their marketing strategy.

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When it comes to sending text messages to and from abroad, 해외문자사이트 or overseas text sites can be quite beneficial for businesses and companies, especially those that send text messages or SMS in bulk daily.

With 해외문자사이트, like Autobahnsms.net, users can send thousands of bulk text massages abroad, quickly, accurately and at an affordable cost. While text messaging only allows a certain number of alphanumeric characters per text, depending on the language, many still find it as a reliable method to connect and be in contact with people or associates as it is direct, fast and accurate.

Moreover, text messaging has a 99% open rate. This means that receivers of the text message is 99% most likely to open the it within 3 minutes of receiving the text message and where they too almost immediately respond to it.

Texting Etiquette in The Movie Theater

While text messaging has made communication much easier, quick, instant and convenient, there are certain texting rules and etiquette to follow so as to avoid miscommunication, misunderstanding, as well as rudeness. When it comes to being inside the cinema or movie theater, there texting and mobile phone use to adhere to so as not to disturb other movie goers and disrupt their movie viewing experience.

Don’t Text While the Movie is On

Although you might think that you are being incognito or discreet with your texting, the cinema is dark which means the light coming from your phone will still be visible and can cause distraction to people around you. If you do need to send a text, do it before the movie starts or after the movie.

Switch Off Your Phone

The best cinema or movie theater etiquette that is most evident, however is frequently disregarded is to switch off your phone, not on silent or vibrate mode but to really switch it off. There is a reason why you went to the movies in the first place. So, be present and enjoy the moment and let others as well.