This blog post will cover 5 movies that prominently featured sneakers. Sneakers and boots (like those made featured on website) are a staple in pop culture. This footwear provides an on-screen and off-screen presence and is often used as a way to reveal character, establish a mood, and progress the plot.

5 Movies That Featured Popular Shoe Brands

Here are five movies you will want to watch again. And when you do, find the featured shoes we are talking about in this post. Have fun.

Like Mike

The film’s story could be a basketball fan’s wet dream. In the role of the orphan Calvin Cambridge, Bow Wow finds mysterious Michael Jordan shoes in a box and gets superpowers on the court. The plain white blazer from the film is due to be released this year. Whether the rumors are true and to what extent your basketball game will improve remains to be seen.

Robin Hood

Mel Brooks’ parody of the archery hero isn’t just good for a laugh or two. Also, about halfway through the film, we see the legendary Reebok pump that Dave Chappelle wears to breathe fresh air just before the fight. The punchline is correct and Reebok could not have wished for a better placement.

Kill Bill

When Uma Thurman, in the role of the bride, battles yakuza leader O-Ren Ishi (Lucy Liu) and her Crazy 88 in House of Blue Leaves, we witness one of visionary filmmaker Quentin Tarantino’s most iconic cinematic moments: Als Homage to the Bruce Lee film “Game of Death” from 1978, the protagonist fights through almost all opponents with her Hattori Hanzō sword: 76 she kills for good, the rest she lets run (but without her severed body parts ).

She is dressed in the same tracksuit as Bruce Lee at the time – on her feet the same yellow Onitsuka Tiger Mexico 66. Visitors to the original film location, the popular izakaya “Gonpachi”, can see the original outfit including the shoes that Uma Thurman wore when Dreh wore, admire on site.

Forrest Gump

Be honest: This is the movie you’ve been waiting for! Hardly any other story is as tragically beautiful as that of the outsider Forrest Gump. Just as iconic as the box of chocolates is the white Nike Cortez that Tom Hanks is given as a gift in this film. The running shoe unlocks Forrest’s hidden talent: running. And faster than anyone else. The shoe itself was a swipe at Adidas when it was first introduced and is one of the most successful silhouettes from Oregon alongside the Air Force and Air Max.

Back to the Future II

Watching the second part of the cult classic Back to the Future, it quickly becomes clear that Michael J. Fox is no longer the film’s sole star. Created by Tinker Hatfield, the Nike Mag with self-lacing laces would quickly push Marty Mcfly out of the spotlight and become the most sought-after and most expensive sneaker on this planet. Mcfly traveled to the year 2015 in the shoe. Nike took on this story and came around the corner in 2015 with a series-ready and technically adequate Nike Mag – after a somewhat simpler version of the shoe had already appeared in 2011. If you currently want to secure a pair on Stockx, you pay 82,977 euros. The inestimably high value of the shoe makes the Nike Mag the most legendary sneaker that has ever been seen in a movie and therefore rightly our first place.

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Final Thoughts…

Well, of course, there are more movies that featured all sorts of footwear from sneakers to boots and even pumps. But these five movies really captivated a lot of audiences when it comes to shoe thoughts and inspirations.