Indoor Air Quality, or IQA, is greatly connected to one’s health and wellness as people are likely to spend a considerable amount of time inside. Air that is without contaminants that is threatening to health could result in a decreased risk of lung/respiratory ailments and a lowered risk of a variety of chronic conditions.

According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) of the United States, indoor air could be 5x as polluted as the air outdoors. Because air indoors doesn’t circulate unlike outdoor air, numerous airborne pollutants carry on to thrive indoors.

Airdoctor 3000 – Effectively Filtering and Cleaning Air

Fortunately, the stale air indoors can be filtered and refreshed by air purifiers, lessening the likelihoods of health concerns brought about by indoor impurities that are trigger factors for respiratory infections, nerve problems, or exacerbate symptoms in people who suffer from asthma. Quality air purifiers can get rid of various forms air pollutants indoors, which keeps us healthy and well.

The airdoctor 3000 is far more effective at purifying the air compared to other regular air purifiers that eliminate only half of the impurities in the air indoors. This is because ordinary air purifiers simply get rid of particles, not harmful contaminants and gasses such as formaldehyde.

The airdoctor 3000 is professionally designed to eliminate just about all particles, pollutants as well as dangerous gasses from the air indoors which includes pollen and other allergens, mold spores and dust mites, pet dander and animal hair, bacteria and viruses, and VOCs emitted by cleaning products, air fresheners, cosmetics, paint, carpeting and building materials and more.

This amazing air purifier highlights a filtration system with multiple layers in order to efficiently and effectively filter out air resulting in cleaner and healthier indoor air quality.

  • Layer 1: The pre-filter is for bigger contaminants/particles such as pet hair and dust. This filter can be vacuum-cleaned and/or hand-washed as it is reusable.
  • Layer 2: The Carbon/Gas Trap/VOC filter unifies activated carbon so as to eliminate gases and odors and potassium permanganate to neutralize particular volatile organic compounds (VOCs).
  • Layer 3: The UltraHEPA filter does much of the work, effectively filtering out 100% of nanoparticles like viruses and mycotoxins.

Air Flow and Air Quality in a Multiplex

Air purifiers come in different sizes, from portable lightweight air purifiers for home use and offices to heavy duty air purifiers for industrial use, in order to provide better IAQ no matter the size of the room.

When it comes to providing good IAQ, a multiplex or movie theater has its unique challenges as it accommodates a large number of viewers during a show wherein they are seated on different floor levels. Additionally, viewers remain in a single place for the duration of the show, and with a high density occupancy, it is imperative to have good IAQ in the multiplex to provide viewers comfort and ensure their wellbeing as the threat of cross contamination is great. Hence, it is vital and necessary for movie theaters to invest in a quality air purification system.