Websites of film marketers with “Submit Your Guest Post” feature, offer movie buffs with numerous opportunities to guest blog about film and cinema entertainment. While upcoming movies ride on the popularity of the actors and the reputation of the film director and producer, marketing by way of guest postings also serve an important purpose.

New and Old Movies are Popular Guest Blogging Themes

Promoting old and new movies by way of guest blogs can be an effortless exercise for movie buffs. All they need to do is share information by way of movie reviews or reaction papers.

Movie Reviews

Blogs about movie reviews and reactions are appealing to theater goers as the latter can make informed decisions over their choice of viewing option. Today, moviegoers can choose to watch the film at a cinema; or to just wait and watch until the film is available via streaming services.

Blogs about movies also provide bases for deciding whether or not to buy a VHS copy to add to one’s collection of movies to watch over and over again.

However, movie reviews as blog materials should be fair and unbiased without being a spoilsport by giving out details. As bloggers, it’s important to build and establish a credible reputation as a movie critic. That way, movie lovers will be interested in clicking on the live external links that you incorporated on your guest posts. The external link, also known as backlink, will transport readers to your website so they can read other interesting discussions related to film entertainment.

Movie Reaction Paper

When blogging about your reaction to a movie, make sure you watched the original version and entire length of the movie; including the post credit scenes near the end of the film credits.

Unlike in movie review blogs, a movie reaction paper discusses your personal opinion. To add credibility to your personal reactions and views about movies, cite some examples of the low-budget blockbuster movies you’ve seen and how they compare to high-budgeted films that flopped. Doing so can justify whether your reactions about a particular movie are valid.

Examples of Blogs in Film Websites

While there are different categories of movies, it’s important to guest post reviews and reactions in niche-specific websites.

Let’s say you intend to submit a guest post for a Bollywood film, your reviews and insights must ascribe to Indian culture and preferences since the film’s target audience are Indian movie lovers. The same principle applies to review and reaction blogs for Children- Oriented films, Classic and Blockbuster Hollywood movies, including made-for -TV films produced by streaming giants like Netflix, HBO, Disney and Hulu.

Bear in mind that movie appreciation is actually a matter of personal preferences and outlook in life. As a guest blogger, thoughtless bashing should be avoided since your purpose is to highlight the merits of the film, while also explaining your views on why some scenes are not appealing for the target audience.