Dogs are not only man’s best friend. They also play the leading role in many successful films. In exciting, heart-warming, action-packed or funny stories, they tell of the unique relationship between humans and dogs.

What do you need for a movie night with a dog?

A relaxed film evening with the whole family, including the dog, is quickly organized. A few blankets thrown on the couch so that the four-legged friend can also lie on it, a few snacks and drinks provided and off you go. By the way, you can also surprise your dog with a few tasty treats.


Can dogs watch TV?

Contrary to the widespread opinion that dogs cannot process the pictures on television, studies have shown that your four-legged friends can very well recognize what is going on in the boob tube. However, most dogs don’t care what’s on TV because the programming isn’t tailored to them. But there are also dogs that prick up their ears when a conspecific can be seen or react to other animals on TV. However, there are already videos on YouTube that are specifically for dogs.

Some must-watch dog movies

Call of the Wild

“The Call of the Wild” is the film adaptation of the legendary literary classic of the same name by Jack London. It tells the story of the mixed-breed dog Buck, who actually leads a fairly tranquil life as a farm dog in California. One day he is kidnapped and ends up in the wilderness of Alaska, where he has to prove himself as a sled dog.

The dog stays

Henri is a best-selling author, but 25 years have passed since his successful debut. He’s had writer’s block for years and slips into a full-fledged midlife crisis. When problems with his wife and adult children are added to this, he realizes that he is in a real depression. Then suddenly there is a huge dog in his garden. He decides to keep it against the wishes of his family. A wonderful comedy about love, relationships and change.

Enzo and the wondrous world of humans

Golden retriever puppy Enzo is adopted by young Formula 1 driver Denny and the two develop a close bond. Based on the bestseller by Garth Stein, the story tells a heart-warming tale of human nature from Enzo’s perspective. In a witty and philosophical way, Enzo comments on how he sees the human world. Also a great dog film for children from 6 years.