Obviously, a lot of us love watching movies. But if you will take a look at it, most movies are about love story, comedy, and fantasy. Very few movies are for those people who love to hunt. On the other hand,  what we do not actually know is that there are various movies that people who are in to hunting will probably enjoy.

That is what we are going to tackle in this article. There are classic movies about hunting and we were able to list down the type 3 most popular among the classic hunting movies.

1. The Deer Hunter – this film is similar to those war movies.  It revolves around the war occurred in Vietnam. The film, which is developed in 1978 is a must watch film if you are looking for suspenseful hunting movies. The story is about Mike, who is of course a hunter, and who used his skill to help Vietnamese during the war for them to survive. What is good about this film is that it is not only about hunting using crossbow from https://www.archerypower.com/best-crossbow-broadheads/  , but how the protagonist used his hunting skills in order to help those in need.

2. The Ghost and the Darkness – this is more of a simple film, not the Oscar level you are imagining just like the Deer Hunter movie.  This movie is basic when it comes to the world of hunting.  What is more great about this movie is that it is based on a true story about scary lions. They are scary because they killed almost 40 workers in Kenya during the days when Uganda-Mombassa Railway was being constructed. This movie is suspenseful and horrifying. Although it might be too fictional for you. It is best for people who are into fun hunting film.

3.The Mountain Men-you might get confused if this one is the series but there is also a film with this title. Although it is not really about hunting, it focuses on what is happening on the outdoors and in hunting in general.