Comedy, in comparison with additional movie genres, puts considerably more attention on individual celebrities, with lots of former stand-up comics clinging into the movie industry because of their popularity. As many comic movies are lighthearted stories with no purpose other than to entertain others contain social or political commentary (for instance, The King of Comedy and Wag the Dog).

These pictures are intended to make the audience laugh and frequently by exaggerating features work. Movies in this fashion traditionally have a happy ending (black humor being an exception). Among the genres in film, a number of the first films were comedies, without needing audio as slapstick humor relies on depictions.

When films became more widespread humor movies took a different swing, as laughter can lead to dialog but also scenarios. Additionally, the storyline and also satirical comedy-drama is concerned with another scandal or an illegal love affair. The storyline is normally significant for its effect compared to its dialog. This kind of humor has a long ancestry, dating back as much as Much Ado about Nothing made by William Shakespeare.