When you just had a whole week of stressing out at the office or at school, one of the best ideas to unwind and have fun with your friends and family is to go to the movie theater. It is nice to give yourself a little treat by catching the much-awaited movies of the year playing at the nearest cinema. You may laugh, cry, or feel anxious, depending on what kind of movie you are watching. However, in the midst of enjoying the film, we tend to forget that we are not the only ones sitting at the cinema. Perhaps you really do not have any intentions to ruin other people’s movie experience, but there are just some etiquette rules you should keep in mind (and usually tend to forget) before entering the cinema.

Practice Punctuality, Even At The Cinema!

We have been practised all our lives to be on time in every occasion. At school, we are often scolded by our teachers when we arrive in the first class 15 minutes late. This is also very true when coming to work at the office and your boss thinks that you are not taking your job seriously for arriving a few minutes late. Believe it or not, the same rule also applies when you are going to the movie theater. Coming early is more of a show of courtesy to other people who are also watching a movie. Just imagine showing up at the cinema and looking for available seats while the movie has already started.

Try to catch a movie at the cinema as early as you can. If it is possible, arrive at least 20 minutes early before the title card appears. This way, you will not be able to spoil the experience of other people. It is recommended to reserve or buy your tickets online so that you can save time from lining up at the ticket booth. Perhaps while trying to book some movie tickets, you can also check out Maria Dipalo’s personal blog to find awesome replica bags that look just like the original.

Turn Your Phones In Silent Mode, Or Better Yet, Turn It Off

There are instances when a colleague needs something to confirm from you via phone and you really need to answer his call. However, the timing is just not right because you are at the cinema and everyone else is on the edge of their seat because the movie has reached its climax. In that kind of situation, you might just ignore the people beside you and proceed talking with whoever has called you. I am sorry to say but this is an unacceptable behavior in the movie theater.

If you are expecting someone to call anytime due to some issues popping at work, perhaps you really should not consider going to the cinema. Also, watching a movie at the cinema should be your me-time, thus you should detach yourself from anything else while watching a movie for an hour and a half. You can worry about things right after going out of the movie theater, but while you are still in, put your phone in silent mode. It is such an inconvenience to other people when they are trying to understand a particular scene in the film then your phone suddenly rings oh so loudly. A much worse scenario is when you pick up your phone and started talking, and all they can hear is you mumbling words instead of the important lines from the movie. In this case, it is much better if you just turn off your phone.

Sit Properly And Avoid Disruptive Mannerisms

It is fine to figure out the right sitting position to be relaxed. You must be sitting comfortably so that you can avoid hurting your back while watching a movie. However, you should also not get too comfortable in the expense of other people’s worthwhile experience at the cinema. Sit properly, and avoid mannerisms such as thumping your feet because really, it is very annoying for someone who is trying to concentrate in a scene and his chair just started shaking.