Movies have always brought the thrill in everybody’s lives. Almost every film are anticipated according to their genre, their story, and the celebrities who will portray them. some had caused a stir of emotions and talk over the internet and most are talked about for almost months. From blockbusters to independent ones, movies have made the profession of film making such a hit and a noble one. But, do we ever wonder what are in these movies and how do they create such that makes us want for more of it? Aside from low-code basics of digital making, here are some of the secret factors we all know affects us in some way when watching movies.

To Feel and Not To

As much as a lot won’t’ admit, we really do watch the movies because we want to feel something. We want to fully evoke emotions out of our heart. We want to feel that romance and excitement when watching those romantic films and thumping hearts during thriller ones. Execution of scenes and the actors’ delivery all make it work for us viewers. Also, the right and proper background effects and music add the of the scene. Soft and upbeat background music makes us feel the happiness and lightness of the situation while monochromatic beat and strong ones make us feel the fright, the anticipation, or the heaviness of the scene.

The next reason is the polar opposite of the former stated. As some want to feel something most other watch movies, to defer from what they are currently feeling. Like watching that Kevin Hart movie to forget all about your relationship issue or whatever is currently happening. Movies are great escape ways from reality which sometimes, we really do want to get out from for just a couple of hours. If movies can help with how down you are feeling, then there’s no harm in watching a bunch until you feel a tad bit of good.