The movie industry or motion picture business , includes the technical and business associations of filmmaking, i.e., movie production firms , movie studios, cinematography, cartoon , movie manufacturing , screenwriting, pre-production, post manufacturing , movie festivals, supply and celebrities , movie directors along with other movie crew staff.

Although the cost involved in creating movies almost instantly led movie production to concentrate under the auspices of reputation manufacturing businesses, advances in affordable film making equipment, and growth of opportunities to obtain investment funds from outside the movie industry itself, have enabled independent movie generation to evolve.

Hollywood is your earliest movie industry of the planet, and the biggest concerning box office gross earnings. Indian theatre (such as Bollywood) is the biggest film industry concerning the amount of movies produced and the amount of tickets sold, with 3.5 billion tickets sold worldwide annually (compared to Hollywood’s 2.6 billion tickets sold yearly )and 1,986 feature films made yearly.