The world’s first digital VOD service, the Joker, won the first prize at the same time as it was released, and it is also generating a popular syndrome in the home theater. In particular, the company has started to re-ignite the syndrome ahead of the world’s $ 1 billion success.

The movie ‘Joker’ continues to hit the top spot in the home theater after opening the VOD service. For gamers, check out Daretobedigital. In particular, it is expected to re-ignite the ‘Joker’ syndrome, which has been hot all over the world as it has secured worldwide revenue of $ 95.88 million by the end of the weekend, and it is confirmed that it will exceed $ 1 billion this week.

JOKER – Final Trailer – Now Playing In Theaters

As evidenced by this, the VOD service has gained tremendous popularity in Korea, and despite being released in theaters more than a month ago, it has surpassed 5.22 million viewers and is still showing a great success. In particular, after the VOD service was opened in Korea before any other country in the world, Joker VOD was linked as a related search word, and people are happy to see the movie anytime and anywhere again.

In addition, it is recognized for its value as a collectible because of the fact that it is possible to check the missing parts in the theater and to see the scenes that can be chewed and interpreted several times.

Viewers said, “I didn’t know it when I saw it in the cinema, but the story of the character is more certain.”, “I tried to watch it a few more times at the theater, but I can see it comfortably! Personally, I really liked the OST, but I think the OST of the stairs is really good! ”,“ I’m looking at the Joker again this time. “I’ll see you yesterday and see you again today and enjoy it indefinitely.”

The movie ‘The Joker’ is a new story that no one knew about the birth of the villain Joker, but it deals with the narrative of the original character that was completely recreated for the film, not the comic book. For the first time in a comic film, he won the Golden Lion Award at the Venice International Film Festival.

Joaquin Phoenix, who played the role of a joker, surprised the world by making a thrilling enthusiasm and stood as the best actor by imprinting the character ‘Joker’ into the public. Since its release, various interpretations and parody of the movie have been established as one of the cultural phenomena and digital VOD is still popular.