Many of us are fascinated with dog movies that oftentimes, we see ourselves training our pets to tap their potentials in becoming professional canine actors. Yet a little research here and there will reveal that training a dog to become an actor is not as easy as it appears to be. Moreover, for your dog to be considered as a potential candidate for an acting role, you must be able to present a CGC certification attesting to its mastery of specific basic skills.

Smart Dogs Make us Proud Parents not Pet Owners

Just like any parent, it makes us proud to raise smart and talented pets. So much so that we can’t help but share YouTube videos to show just how amazing our dogs are. Some of us have even received comments, encouraging us to hook up with a talent agent who can give our dogs the opportunity to become canine actors.

Apparently, not a few have taken such suggestions seriously; but they found out that it takes more than a talent agent for their pets to get hired as a movie or TV show actor. After all, there’s quite a large pool of talented dogs out there, who were not only trained by professionals, but whose skills are certified as well. Lest you didn’t know, the American Kennel Club (AKC) offers a certification the Canine Good Citizen Certification (CGC) as an attestation to a dog’s mastery of a set of skills

What is the Canine Good Citizen Certification (CGC) and Its Importance for a Dog’s Acting Career

CGC is actually a training program offered by the AKC, which focuses on teaching ten basic skills to any type of dog, whether pure-bred or mixed-breed. The skills to develop and master, pertain not only to a dog’s ability to obey commands like sit, stay or down, but also for developing good manners in ways that strengthen the bond between pet parents and dogs.

If you’re a pet parent with aspirations to one day land an acting deal for your dog, a CGC is important in increasing your dog’s chances of getting tapped for auditions by a talent agent. Mainly because it serves as an assurance that a canine has been trained and tested to have mastered the skills and grace of behaving well in a crowd filled with noise and strangers.

Talent agents scouting for a dog actor often choose those who are CGC certified because they want to make sure the animal has received formal and advanced training. A CGC certification denotes that a canine has become exceptionally familiar with numerous commands frequently used in directing canine actors in film projects.

When called to act and shoot their part/s, canine actors find themselves amidst unfamiliar, and at the same time busy and raucous environments; whilst surrounded by many strangers and even by other animals. If a dog has not been trained to experience such situations, lack of preparedness presents hindrances from attaining success in the world of entertainment. Feelings of fear, aggression or aloofness are signs that a dog perceives its surroundings as stressful. . .

Actually, the benefits of a CGC certificate extend beyond having a chance to enter the entertainment industry. Some pet parents can qualify for discounts on home insurance premiums if a household includes a CGC certified dog.
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