Let’s accept it, violence is everywhere: we see it in mobile games like Gs2us list of computer games, films, books, YouTube videos, and cartoons, on the regular news and the internet, and even in advertisements. And it’s growing harder to dodge. In the present times, with the boom of technology easier accessibility to media, the huge question is, what’s the effect, particularly on our children?

The answer is surprisingly simple: No one really knows. Although professionals accept that no primary factor can make a passive individual to behave badly, a huge vulnerability to powerful media can instantly trigger violent behavior.

So how can we really control media violence in your children’s lives?

Below are some proven effective tips to do this

  • Make sure to explain the results. What parent hasn’t tried the term “but there’s no blood” as an explanation for seeing a film or playing a mobile game? Let them know the real impacts of violence, and carefully explain how silly it is for people to get away with aggression.
  • Time them. Make sure your children do not spend too much time on virtual violence. The longer the time they are buried in violent media, the more extreme the impact is.
  • Explain how to resolve confict. Majority of the children are aware that beating someone on the head isn’t the correct way to solve a problem, but verbal torture also is a form of violence. Impart to them how to utilize their words porperly to stand up for themselves — as well as other people– without a fight.
  • Familiarize yourself with your children’s media. Read the reviews, and, if you find zero, learn about the content. For instance, content in rated movies  is now fair for a PG-13. Watching online content aren’t the same and can provide very aggressive stuff.
  • Be alert on interactive media aggression. There’s no way to properly know whether there’s lesser or too much violence in the past, but the prominence of it in interactive forms, like social medial platform, online videos, and mobile games, is entirely new and crazy.