League of Legends is the achievement of Riot Games. It is a Multiplayer Online Battle Arena game where two teams of 3 or 5 players fight against each other on a particular map. The objective of the game is to tear down the major structure in your opponent’s base called the Nexus. Because of the popularity of the game, many buy LOL account with the maximum level to have a better gaming experience. Moreover, reaching the objective of the game isn’t that simple, especially with a level 1 character as the game requires various skills and strategies.

League of LegendsLeague of Legends Season 2020 Cinematic Video

Riot Games releases seasonal cinematic videos to celebrate the game. And again, Riot Games blew away the gaming community with an incredible cinematic video for its top creation, League of Legends, marking its new 2020 Season. The video entitled Warriors, features numerous characters from the LOL universe in a sequence of dramatic events, tying them all together with Riot Games’ main hit music from the 2014 League of Legends Worlds backing the story.

The video spotlights on nine LOL champions that are distributed into three series of stories. The first shows the Demacian guardians Garen, Lux, as well as Galio protecting a snowy fortress from Sylas, the Demacian exile, and his horde of barbarians. The next story shows Kai’Sa and Ezreal coming to blows against the crawling minions of Malzahar that Ezreal caused after getting the Tear of the Goddess. The last story of the cinematic video is an escape from prison. Caitlyn and Vi, the finest officers of Piltover, put a stop to Dreadnought Urgot from breaking out of the prison that bounded the past Noxian headsman for his crimes. These three series of story altogether were presented in perfect accord. With the melancholic music uniting the stories, only a single word could describe it perfectly – legendary.

The Season 2020 cinematic video of Riot Game isn’t only solidly created but is highly detailed as well, particularly if viewed on 4K resolution. The music and lyrics overall add further magnitude to the depicted stories. The graphics exceeds excellence and the vibe of every scene and location portrayed in the video are impeccable. Furthermore, the mood in every scene effectively communicates itself even without words. It surpasses the other seasonal cinematic videos released before.