It’s not a prank nor a scary soundboard. These are effects in movies that are created so real that many cinema viewers have freaked out of theaters. Watch the trailer so you don’t have to freak out of your seats when you watch these movies at home.

Disney’s The Lion King in 1994

The Lion King came, where Simba punished himself after his father was trapped during the stampede. The animated tragedy has become so intense for a younger audience, Disney’s main demographic, that they should be temporarily relocated to the lobby until they become calm.

Reserve dogs in 1992

It is not necessarily surprising that the unspeakable violence of a movie of Quentin Tarantino will arouse public evacuations. Pulp Fiction in 1994 lost customers when Uma Thurman received adrenaline injection in her heart. But the Reservoir Dogs are remarkable for those who have taken them out of their seats. When Michael Madsen’s character starts cutting off an ear, the late Wes Craven fled the theater.


Releasing the genre of footage found with an economic story about filmmakers threatened by an invisible force, The Blair Witch Project had become a blockbuster and it among the most profit gaining films in history. But the format of documentary style, with actors running or falling with a camera in their hands, caused waves of people who were affected with dizziness in corridors, hallways, and bathrooms. The Associated Press reported that Atlanta-area theaters were on patrol noting vomits for most of the opening in the weekend. In Cambridge, Massachusetts, the theater manager also announced someone threw up outside the screening room.

When the hand-held photograph of Cloverfield (2008) was stirring the stomachs a decade later, the theaters wisely posted warning signs about the effect of a “roller coaster”.


People fell in line to watch The Exorcist about a woman possessed by a demon. They realized rather quickly that the movie is something to endure rather than to enjoy. News footage said that many viewers were affected and fled the screening rooms because they were terrified; A viewer even fainted in the hallway. When it came time for the movie to show in London, there were ambulances stationed outside the theater.