In early 2021, many new movies and series appeared on Netflix. Netflix released the necessary new series and movies this week. For example, “Snow Thorn Knight” and “Bound” won the second season, and many beautiful stories have attracted people’s attention. From the beautiful costume play The Dig to the inspiring feel-good movie Penguin Bloom. Fortunately, young audiences were also thought of. They can enjoy the family movie “Finding’Ohana” with their parents.

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Bonding Season 2 (series, comedy)

At Bond, we follow the special adventures of Pete and Tiff. A few years later, these two old school friends met again, but they were very busy. Pete has just come out, and Tiff has become one of New York’s most famous female leaders. Pete, who is short of money, decides to become Tiff’s assistant. This has brought many bizarre adventures in the first season, and it is no different in the new season.

Penguin Bloom (Film, touching)

Following a serious accident, Naomi Watts had no other choice but to be in a wheelchair. Not only did she lose the ability to walk, but she’s also facing the danger of losing herself. In order to find the strength to move on, the injured Xiher moved forward. This symbolized her own struggle and inspired her to stand up again. She recovered herself with her family and her new feather girlfriend. A warm story full of wisdom.

Snowpiercer Season 2 (series, science fiction thriller)

We are progressing well in destroying the planet, but it is clear that the situation may deteriorate. In Snowpiercer, we saw how the new ice age impacted the world. The majority of the population is not immune. The last survivors will run for their lifetime. They will have to depend on each other because of the imminent revolution of the class system. In the first season of the Netflix series, we have seen that this could mean the end of humanity. It’s time to start the second season.

The Dig (movies, dramas)

As the Second World War approached, a young and wealthy widow invited an archaeologist to her manor. She asked him to discover it there. There are many old graves around the manor. Together they literally began to dig into the past and make sensational discoveries, but they discovered more. Not underground, but by yourself. A wonderful costume play on Netflix, starring Carey Mulligan and Ralph Fiennes.

Find Ohana (movie, comedy)

When their grandfather had a heart attack, Ione and Pili and Ioane had to move to Hawaii Island in order to take care of him. The brothers and sisters didn’t like this at first, but then discovered that there was a long-lost treasure on the island. In this Netflix movie, they embarked on a journey together. Not only for the treasure, but also for one’s own foundation.