Truly, the COVID-19 pandemic has changed every little thing in our lives. We have all been going through this same crisis for more than a year now, and all those stuff that we used to enjoy doing outdoors have all become nothing but good memories. Unfortunately, it will take some time for us to experience the normalcy that we are all used to, including a nice and comfortable trip to the cinemas.

As we all know, a closed indoor setting with very little air ventilation is where the coronavirus can infect a bunch of people in just an instant. Therefore, many places around the world have not yet opened their local cinemas and movie houses to the public, in a bid to stop the spread of the dreaded virus. However, in some areas where the COVID-19 cases have shown signs of subsiding, cinemas have already begun to operate, but with very strict health and safety measures in place.

Now, if you are planning to experience once more the thrill of watching movies on the big screen, here are the things you should remember to make sure that you will be going out of the theater safe and virus-free.

Eating Popcorn While Enjoying The Movie Must Be Avoided

As we already mentioned, an enclosed indoor space like the canada product review blog cinema is a prime spot for large-cluster infection of the coronavirus. If you are planning to watch a movie at the cinema, it would be safe to keep your face mask or face shield all at all times. Yes, this can be quite an inconvenience when you are trying to enjoy the movie, but this is the only way for you to keep the air you are breathing in filtered. You will never know, if there is at least one person inside the theater house that briefly removed his or her mask. Just a small spray of aerosol from the mouth or nose could easily spread around the cinema, and if that aerosol carries the coronavirus, there is a high chance that those people in the cinema, who unfortunately took off their face mask at that time, will get infected.

Having said this, it would be best if no one from the audience brings popcorn or anything to eat or drink inside the cinema. The moment one person takes off his or her mask to eat a popcorn and take a sip of soda, he or she is putting everyone in the cinema at risk. Of course, you will never know if that person has the virus, but who knows? In order to stay safe and protected at all times, it is better to assume that everyone and everything around you has the virus.

This is the reason why some people choose to enjoy their movies at a home cinema, instead of pushing their luck of not getting infected by going to a local cinema. In time, when the situation clears up, we can once again gather at the movie house to watch the new blockbuster films together.