Cinema clean-up crews are happy to note that their establishment’s request for moviegoers to not leave their trash behind, has reduced the volume of litter dealt with after every screening. They find comfort in knowing that some, even if not all moviegoers, have extended them the courtesy of voluntarily taking out and properly throwing away their trash after watching a movie.

Some moviegoers though, still insist that it is proper to leave their trash behind. They contend that the price they pay for watching a movie includes entitlement to the services of the clean-up crew. if they bought the sweets, popcorn and sodas from the cinema snackbar, leaving behind the paper bag, popcorn tub and soda cans is part of the hefty price of the items.

Although in some ways true, throwing one’s garbage is a trivial matter. If a person is used to picking up his or her mess, that person will properly throw away litter regardless of perceived entitlements or circumstances. Nonetheless, catering to groups of cinema audience with innate poor habits when it comes to keeping an environment clean, is all part of running a moviehouse.

Making the next batch of audience take seats in a cinema hall already flooded with left-behind garbage, will reflect poorly on the operator of the cinema . Once word of mouth about such condition spreads around, the moviehouse is bound to lose patrons, and eventually the business. At the end of the day, maintaining a clean and sanitary place is still the responsibility of the clean-up crew.

The Cinema Clean-Up Crew and What They Do

The clean-up crew does the tidying up after every screening. They do not wait for the cinema hall to empty since they only have 10 to 20 minutes to clean every nook and cranny. As lights switch on, crew members in charge of cleaning the floor area will bring in vacuum cleaners, remove every dirt on the carpet, and under the seats. Other cleaners take charge of wiping off spillages and of disinfecting seats.

Some others will bring out plastic or paper cups that still have liquid residues. Emptying those types of garbage first is a must as they tend to leak inside trash receptacles. After the last full show, the same cleaning up process will be carried out, but in a more thorough manner, which includes vacuuming every seat.

The tasks may seem easy, but the kind of rubbish left behind by some moviegoers can make things difficult for crew members. It is not uncommon to find dirty nappies under the seats, especially if the cinema is running a GP rated movie. The taking out of liquid-filled cups or bottles gets gross if the container exudes the undeniable smell of human urine. Apparently, some moviegoers relieve themselves or their children, right in their seat. That goes without saying that wet spots on floors and seats may include urine.

Savvy cinema managers make sure that the clean-up crew like or a hired cleaning company Aachen (Reinigungsfirma Aachen) is equipped with the most reliable cleaning apparatus and materials. More often than not, they trust the make or models offered by a reputable brand. Vacuum cleaners for one must be robust enough to withstand the frequency of use. On the other hand, disinfectants and stain-removing substances must be fast-acting, in order to kill germs and bacteria instantly before the next batch of the audience comes in.