I’m certain you have a TV in your lounge and potentially even a TV in your room, however do you have a TV in your restroom?

An ever-increasing number of individuals are diving in and introducing another TV set in their restroom, as this Waterproof TV from Bathroom Luxuries. There is a scope of cool styles and alternatives accessible; encircled or frameless, white or dark, you can even have a TV with ‘MirrorVision’. For a definitive extravagance, they can likewise be introduced outside around a pool or Jacuzzi territory so you can get to keep up with your Fav series or movie with a mixed drink in one hand and the waterproof remote in your other hand.

With the Oscars having quite recently been and gone, I figured it may be enjoyable to take a gander at the best motion pictures to watch while having a shower.


Being nominated for best unique screenplay (it was thumped by Places in the Heart, recall that one?), Splash was a basic romantic tale featuring Tom Hanks and a delightful young lady, played by Darryl Hannah. They contort in the ‘tail’ was that she was additionally a mermaid. During the shooting of the film, the entertainer spent so much time in the ocean as a mermaid she was really gotten to know by genuine fish and even had a pilot fish that swam near her tail.


The boat that propelled the vocations of Leonardo Di Caprio and Kate Winslet is the ideal review for long hours in the bath. James Cameroon’s film was the most costly at any point made (at that point) and won an enormous 10 Oscars. Be readied, the film is very long (3 hours 15min) and you may need to include extra high temp water, check out this  baxi boiler prices around the 2-hour mark.


Introduced in 1975, the slogan for Steven Speilberg’s perfect work of art was ‘You’ll never be in the water again’. The famous actors Roy Sheider as Chief of Police Martin Brody, a huge fish and an exceptionally little vessel. It won 4 Oscars and ‘brought forth’ 3 spin-offs including an extremely dodgy 3d variant featuring Michael Caine. Not many individuals realize that.