We love to cuddle our pets and groom them. That’s why we want to make sure we are giving them only the best like the Nurturingpets nail grinder for dogs. This weekend, watch these best pet movies with your family and beloved pets.

The best pet movies to watch on Netflix are those that showcase the bond between humans and their pets. Have you ever had a hard time finding a good movie to watch with your dog or cat? Here are some of the best pet movies to watch on Netflix.

Benji (2018)

Cute stray Benji may smell like a garbage can, but his candid gaze wins over moody siblings Carter (Gabriel Bateman) and Frankie (Darby Camp). Her already stressed mother (Kiele Sanchez), however, is anything but enthusiastic about the new family member and, despite protests from the kids, throws Benji out again without further ado. But then Carter and Frankie are kidnapped by crooks – and Benji bravely rushes to their rescue.

“Benji” is a remake of the animal adventure film from 1974: At that time the strip was not only one of the most successful cinema films, it also received an Oscar nomination (“Best Song”). The 2018 version is also heartwarming and fun for the whole family!

Wendy the Movie (2017)

Twelve-year-old Wendy (Jule Hermann) is to spend the summer holidays with her parents (Benjamin Sadler and Jasmin Gerat) at her grandmother Herta’s (Maren Kroymann) riding stable. The enthusiasm is limited: not only has the farm run down since the death of Wendy’s grandfather, but Wendy has also kept her distance from horses since a serious riding accident.

One day, however, she meets Dixie, a wounded horse who ran away from a butcher’s shop. From now on, Dixie never leaves Wendy’s side and a deep friendship quickly develops between the girl and the animal. A friendship that could also save Herta’s riding stable, because its existence is being threatened by the modern St. Georg stables.

Loyalty, courage, self-confidence and a friendship between man and animal that overcomes all obstacles: “Wendy – The Film” , which is based on the stories of the popular children’s horse magazine “Wendy”, fully upholds those values ​​that really matter in life , very high and makes the (young) audience believe in the good in the world. Big hit at the 2017 box office!

Okja (2017)

The most extraordinary film on our list combines animal films, sci-fi and clear criticism of capitalism and the lack of commitment to animal welfare: the super pig Okja travels the entire world. She is accompanied by her little human friend Mija (Ahn Seo-hyeon), who has to face larger-than-life capitalist powers. Because Okja is a very special animal: Not only is it super big, but it is supposed to feed all of humanity in the future. Suddenly, the two find themselves caught in the crossfire between animal welfare, greed for profit, and scientific ethics. The biting and unerring satire with Hollywood stars Tilda Swinton and Jake Gyllenhaal invites you to dream and reflect. A big hit in South Korea!

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Here are other pet films that you may want to watch: A Dog’s Purpose, Beverly Hills Chihuahua, The Cat in the Hat, Furry Vengeance, The Fox and the Hound, and Homeward Bound: The Incredible Journey.