If you have an unused basement or an extra room that you like to spice up, then considering a home theater system would be a nice idea. It is a wonderful entertainment hub for everyone and a great way of passing up the time.





The initial cost of setting up a home theater doesn’t come cheap. You must have deep pockets to buy every component needed to have the system ready. While the outlay seems to be over the top at first, you’ll see how much savings you can make by watching your favorite flicks without going to movie theaters.

Simple Reminders

Now, it may excite you to proceed in having your home theater set up. But before doing so, there are few things that must be settled first.

  1. Where to put the screen?
  2. How to hide the wiring of your system?
  3. What add-ons to have (e.g. mini fridge for drinks and snacks)?

Following are other essentials to be considered when designing a home theater system.

The Seating Arrangement

This is a critical aspect of the entire design as it can totally change the look and style of the room. Not to mention, the place where to place the screen. As for the seats, there are sofas, individual chairs or the combination of two. Likewise with the screen, the sofas or seats may be placed against the divider or wall or have reclining chairs for a more comfortable view.

Sound Quality

Speakers make a huge difference when watching to movie. If you are rooting for top quality sound, see to it that you fix the acoustics in one place.

You won’t appreciate a cinema-like experience from your home theater without a quality sound system.


Seems to do nothing but it is among the most integral aspects of a home theater design. It’s best to go for dimmed lighting actually. While watching your movie, it can be switched off to enhance the color. Plus with the lights off, you get to see the smallest details that aren’t seen otherwise. The least the window a room has, the better. It’s for the reason that light can illuminate the place through your windows. This is why the basement is highly recommended for setting up a home theater system.

But since the basement is where most houses’s piping lies, it is best to contact plumbers in Gilbert AZ to have them check if it is suitable for your plan. Once you get their go signal, that’s when you execute your goal.