In a culture that equates attractiveness to youthfulness, many mature women in the film industry debunked such notions by staying beautiful even as they age. These are the women who, rather than rely on anti-aging medical treatments, simply keep a healthy regimen of eating proper food, getting enough sleep and engaging in exercise as well as maintaining a positive outlook in life.

Top Three Over-70s Actresses Whose Beauty Can Still Stun

Meryl Streep

Meryl Streep turned 70 in June 2019, but despite the age, she still has the youthful glow that is not common to most women who are yet to reach that age. While we can presume that Ms. Streep uses creams and lotions in order to keep her skin stay smooth and blemish-free, doing so is all a matter of her accepting the fact that as women get older, the skin needs additional care to keep it hydrated and well moisturized. .

Jane Fonda

Even more amazing is Jane Fonda, who at her present age of 82 personify the best example of mature beauty in its finest. In 2014, L’Oreal, the world’s largest cosmetics and beauty products company signed her up as one of the company’s faces for its line of rejuvenating products for aging skin. Ms. Fonda, who since 1980 became a proponent of fitness workouts and healthy lifestyle and now a fitness guru, is the perfect icon of a beautiful mature American woman.

Dame Helen Mirren

Dame Helen Mirren who at age 69, also became L’Oreal’s British ambassadress for its rejuvenating cream for aging skin. Now aged 75, the British actress said she didn’t have any insecurities about getting older but kept it a point to maintain her beauty and skin care routine.

Applying the Right Kind of Makeup is Also a Key Factor in Achieving the Stunning Older Woman Look.

While having smooth and glowing skin does a lot to make these iconic older women look younger than other women of the same age, we all agree that putting on the right kind, color and amount of makeup is also a key factor in achieving a vibrant and sophisticated, older woman look.

Makeup experts give advice that mature women should stop using face powder as it tends to emphasize the creases, especially the bronzing kind that contain some kind of light reflector. While a sheer lightweight foundation is a better alternative, choosing the right color is a must as the wrong color could make an older woman’s skin look either frail or harsh-looking. The right color of makeup is always important, especially for the lips and cheeks.

One of the best makeup tricks that can make an older woman’s eyes look bright and alive is the application of an eyeliner. Yet one should use only brown instead of black or any other color, because black eyeliners are best for those who want to look mature or to create a dramatic eye make-up effect. Deep brown is the color to use as natural eyeliner for older women, because it can create the same eye-enhancing effect as black, but not as jarring or intense. .