Dedicated Micros DVRs are a real-world reality for American cinema administrators and homeowners, apart from unusual characters that appear on the screen, such as anti-social behavior, employee theft, and occasional forged slips. We will help you resolve activities effectively at

The leader in the application of closed-circuit television technology is Muvico, which has 13 theaters in Florida, Maryland, Tennessee. Florida’s Paradise Theatre Boca Raton and Florida’s David offer high-quality movie experiences in six large theaters. Get food and wine from bars and theaters restaurant.

When it comes to loss prevention and addressing employee and customer safety issues, Muvico focuses on CCTV security systems.

Darryl Leversuch, director of technical services at Muvico, Fort Lauderdale, Florida, says: “We can not record slips or falls. The video is too rough and it takes too long.”

At the time, Muvico signed an agreement with APS 2000 at Boynton Beach, Florida to set up digital video recorders and high-quality cameras. APS 2000 replaces your existing VCR with a dedicated Mini-Digital Wizard 2 (DS2) with 16 channels and a DVR.

Currently, five NetVu Connected Digital Sprite 2 DVRs support about 80 cameras in Paradise-4 and 64 cameras in Palace.

Using DVRs 

“We selected Digital Sprite 2 because Muvic offers all the features that Muvico is looking for.” APS 2000 crew member Marco Torres said, “Remote login, ease of use, high capacity storage, photos Provide a clear of “

Each theater has real-time monitoring capabilities and Muvico’s Leversuch can remotely access all the theaters in the main office. Theft and “profit” of the franchise have dropped about 75%, and the theater is still pursuing people who try it. Separate cameras allow administrators to investigate employee productivity, find employees who provide the most useful services to their customers and maximize customer traffic.

With the success of the system, Muvico has allocated the capital investment to convert the DVR technology to the existing site in the next two years.

“We don’t think there is a basis after more than 90% of the slides have been upgraded from Dedicated Micros to DVR,” said Leversuch. “I have to pay $ 50,000 for the unprecedented fake cases so if I can prevent a single payment, I can regain a lot of the investment in the security system.”