The cinema audience mainly differs according to who likes to see which films. There are clear differences between men and women and between the film preferences of younger and older cinema-goers. Romantic love comedies have a predominantly female audience.

The moviegoers also differ significantly in terms of age. Cinema-goers aged 50 and over appreciate sophisticated dramas and films about contemporary history. They can get ideas on the best gifts for 8 year old girls when watching movies.

Why do people go to the cinema?

Many cinema studies examine the reasons why people go to the cinema in the first place. Most empirical studies first determine the trivial realization that you go to the cinema to watch a film. Besides this obvious occasion, the social component plays the most important role. Most of the visitors go to the cinema to go out with friends and do something. The respective film is only in the foreground for a small part; they would also go to the movies alone just to see a special movie.

The central idea

Going to the cinema as a social leisure activity with friends has not changed in the last 50 years. The importance of going to the cinema as a joint venture is also confirmed by the following findings: Most cinema visits are accompanied by a company, with young people it is almost all. The older the moviegoers get, the more likely they are to go to the movies alone.

Reasons against going to the cinema

There are various reasons against going to the cinema, depending on the examination. A lack of money or time, a lack of comfort, or a prestige problem are mentioned. You go to the cinema especially in the phase of life when social contacts and sociability are important. This is the case with adolescents and young adults. If the workload becomes greater or if a family is started, the cinema visits phase usually ends.

The importance of cinema changes over the course of life. It can be said that most people go to the cinema to do something with friends, partners or family. Nevertheless, in order to be able to experience the social aspect of going to the cinema, cinema-goers have to decide on a film.