Who has never dreamed of being able to lie down completely on the sometimes uncomfortable seats of the cinema?  Or bring your quilt and pillow? What if we told you that there is a bed that turns into a home theater room. Going to the cinema means choosing to see the film on the big screen, with a better picture and better sound. But it also means that we are less well-installed than at home. But if you are looking for high-quality hand-crafted beds you can visit Hugo & Sons for more details.

A bed for moviegoers

The iNyx bed is the perfect combination to enjoy a movie in the same conditions as at the cinema, but without having to leave home and with the added comfort of our bed. It is well known, we are so comfortable at home! The concept is simple. The bed is actually an open shell. A white screen descends in front of the feet of the reclining people and a film is projected onto it from the overhead projector located at the head of the bed. So that the cinema experience is total, shutters can be set up on the sides to completely close the cocoon. The bed is also equipped with the latest-generation audio system.

A 100% comfortable bed

To offer spectators maximum comfort, the iNyx bed is equipped with backlighting systems so as not to damage the eyes. There are also miniature LED bulbs reproducing a starry sky integrated into the ceiling shell. So that you can relax during your home theater session, the bed also has glass and bottle rests, as well as an essential oil diffuser (why not). And when it comes to sleep, iNyx promises the best. The king-size bed is equipped with the latest-generation memory foam mattress.

A high-tech luxury bed

The innovation with a very futuristic look is presented in two different styles. The first basic model is red or white made of metal and solid plastic. It costs 5000 dollars. The second model is white and made of wood. It is really resealable like a bubble. It will cost the modest sum of 10,000 dollars all the same to afford it. Be careful, do not take out your checkbook right away. The iNyx bed is still being funded on the Indiegogo crowdfunding platform. Like the bed that prevents snoring and warms the feet, we have no doubts about its success when it hits the market!