Movie junkies have a lot to look forward to every year with the big producers coming up with great blockbuster films one after another. There will always be that great film that you can catch at the nearest cinema every week and enjoy minutes of fun and action-packed sequences. If you are the type of person who regularly goes to the cinema, you may already have a long list of your favorite movies. Whether a movie is a must-watch or waste of time depends on every viewer, although we often read about the “highest grossing movie of all time” and “best film in history” in different publications and media outlets.

Of course, the writers who make these lists must have vast knowledge and experience in the entertainment industry to be able to analyze all these movies released over the last several years or decades. However, we should all be critical in reading these lists to avoid having a misconception about the movies.

Does The ‘Highest Grossing Film Of All Time’ Equate To The Most Watched Movie In Cinemas?

Earlier this year, Marvel Studios reached a milestone with “Avengers: Endgame,” as the movie successfully cemented its spot as the top grossing film of all time. “Endgame” was able to dethrone James Cameron’s 3D extravaganza, “Avatar,” which had occupied the top spot since 2009, until the biggest Marvel crossever event came into existence.  For many fans, snatching this title is very important, but one thing that we usually don’t realize is the fact that the price of movie tickets is far different five or ten years ago.

It can’t be denied that the cost of movie tickets nowadays is higher than before, and this is one reason to question the lists of top grossing films that have been going around. It is possible that a certain movie may have gathered millions of dollars through ticket sales, but there is no assurance that this movie actually sold more tickets than any other films released in the distant past. Take note that people can now purchase their movie tickets online with additional cost, perhaps after checking out the deals at the Amazon Great Indian Sale.

In this case, the total amount of tickets sold must be the basis in saying that more viewers have actually lined up for this movie than the other.

Commercial Success Of A Movie Has Little To Do With The Actual Quality Of The Film

We also tend to base the quality of a blockbuster film on the ticket sales. A lot of people lined up for the “Transformers” movies over the past decade, but if you check out the critics’ reviews on those films, you will end up wondering why these people keep on watching them. Meanwhile, there are movies that left much more impact and scared viewers from their seats, but they are not as big of a commercial success compared to others.