Everybody knows that good movie night with your pal is one with you having a bunch of iced beer, ones with that that commercial refrigeration coldness that kind of sparks the soul with that good movie for the night. Also, which better way to enjoy a movie than to have it watched on a cinema with those good ol’ sound system and hella big screen that makes the experience so much more. To have you enjoy that drink slash movie hour you’re craving for, here are some tips you might not know just yet.

Making Your Movie Trip a Good One

Do the Hard Decision of Picking the Right Movie.
Never ever choose a movie that might turn down your hype a notch-how? By choosing movies that are sentimental, speaks of global warming, civilization, and everything that goes with those. You might not want to watch those and have a drink, because you might end up crying and taking in alcohol’s more depressing effects in your system, thus ruining the fact that you want to watch and have a drink to relax and actually have a good time. Also, very much avoid movies that will make you cry and go all emotional with your drinking buddy. So, to cut the sappy part short, opt for action films, comedies, or horror ones that will hype you up more, and make you want to double that drink intake.

Of course, Get you the Right Drink to Go with your Movie.
Unless you really want to stay at home and have the laziest time of your life, go for that hard drink that you’ve been declining yourself to get; match that hard drink with some gangster film and you’re good to go. But, if you opt for the cinemas, a flask will always go in handy and make sure to drink real moderately to avoid risks of unwanted scenes and drama, because you don’t want to end up embarrassing yourself, right?

The Best Tip, Stay Home, Invite Friends, and Rock that Movie Beer Night.
Well, if you’re aiming for a good time with all the relaxation you can have, your home is where all those are. Netflix surely does the job right, and the good thing is you don’t have to control your drink and your buddies’. Also, what comfort it is to be near your fridge with all those rightly chilled drinks, your kitchen where every snack is, and you can even incorporate games for your movie night, nothing comes better right?