In Switzerland you can watch movies in a unique and fun way.

Watching the movies can be fun and at the same time relaxing in SPREITENBACH, Switzerland. Did you know that an they installed beds instead of sits! Can you imagine how comfortable this can be?
For some movie goers, sits may not be too comfortable especially for big and tall people. These movie operators in Switzerland to use beds instead of chairs. Imagine watching a horror film in bed. You can hide under the blanket when a scene scares you. You can also snuggle and cuddle with your special one while watching a romantic film. Your kids can jump on it when watching exciting and funny films.
The operators of the theater thought of giving more comfort to its clients. They aim to provide movie goers with the ultimate luxury experience. This possible while watching your favorite show. What’s more fascinating is that viewers are also served with
exquisite wines and booze along with delicious foods.

Cinema In Switzerland Replaces Seats With Beds (memes)

The cinema offers VIP room. All beds are fresh and clean for all new clients. The operators guarantee its clients that sheets are change every after use. The beds go through sanitation for safer use as well. The adjustable beds are all set with fresh pillows and sheets. like watching the movies in the comfort of your own home or even much better. visit this link to read more about adjustable beds:
For some they may find this weird. Many are concern of the things people can do while in bed watching the movies. People are already imagining the possible things that can happen inside this theater. Especially that wine and booze are also served. It’s funny to imagine but the owners declared that they won’t allow their theaters to be a place of immoral acts.
Some are also concerned of the sanitation of the beds. Even if they declare that the beds go through sanitation people can be skeptical about this. Yet, these issues, it’s nice to experience these place. Let’s lay back and enjoy the amenities this place can offer.