While there are tons of similarities for app-based streaming services for TV, not all are the same. Some excels in original series or films such as Netflix while others have strengths with current programming similar to Hulu. Then again, other competitors like Disney Plus provide viewers with exclusive access to specific movie franchises similar to MCU, Star Wars and the likes.

Deciding which streaming service to choose is nearly similar when buying an agitador for your home’s gas tank. You need to do research and comparison of features and price to come up with a decision. There are of course few things that must be taken into mind like the following:

Channel Lineup

What great is a TV if there’s nothing good to watch on it. Is not the reason why you are giving up your traditional TV? Well, streaming is full of packages and options that are created to meet the niche viewing needs of its customers. Packages normally include movies and series overseas, specialty sports channel as add-ons and the likes.

Live Sports and Local News

Sports and news are two of the biggest reasons why viewers are hesitant to switch to streaming services. But this should not be a problem for there are various streaming services that still carry local channels as per your zip code.

Some of the good options include but not limited to:

  1. Hulu + Live TV and;
  2. YouTube TV

Streaming Device Compatibility

Something that you should not take for granted is that not all of the available streaming services on every smart TV or streaming device are available. Before signing up, it is best to see the devices that are compatible with the application before buying one.

Screens Allowed to Use

You thought that you’re done with a separate device or box for every TV? Well not so fast. Even if you are subscribed to a streaming service on your TV, still you may be limited to the number of screens that could be used simultaneously.

You might have possibly ignored this info and it is also something not typically advertised. So it is best to ask about it.