Starting in the late 1980s, Sony started marketing the idea of“digital cinematography,” using its own analog Sony HDVS professional movie cameras. The attempt met with success. But this resulted in one of the oldest digitally shot feature films, Julia and Julia, being created in 1987.

Back in 1998, with the debut of HDCAM recorders and 1920 × 1080 pixel digital professional movie cameras predicated on CCD technologies, the concept, now re-branded as“electronic cinematography,” started to gain traction in the industry.

The film is distributed via a medium like a hard disk, in addition to shot on medium like flash memory. Movie studios started shifting towards cinematography as technologies enhanced. After superseding movie cinematography Considering that the 2010s cinematography is now the dominant type of cinematography.

Paramount became the first studio to distribute films to theaters in format. Ever since that time films to be developed onto electronic format as opposed to 35mm’s need has improved.