When the engine roars or the chrome shimmers in the evening sun, car lovers’ hearts beat fast. AUTO BILD KLASSIK introduces cult movies and movie sequences that every car fan should watch.

Cars, Gangsters, Guns: Faster Pussycat! kill! kill!

“Welcome to the Violence!” Russ Meyer’s outdated garbage pearl reveals what it is in the first few seconds with the German-dubbed hard nose title “Die Satansweiber von Tittfield”. increase. This is because, in the next 83 minutes, the three strippers will behave completely dirty. In a car race in the California desert, leader Vara (chest genius Tura Satana) broke his opponent Tommy’s neck after crossing the finish line.


The Spy Who Loved Me

James Bond is the most obvious proof of the old saying: A cool guy needs a cool car. Of course, one is not enough for the most famous secret agent in the world 007 has been allowed to drive and destroy so many cars in 22 films so far that one can only be jealous. And it has now been proven that most boys are actually jealous: If men could swap places with Bond for 24 hours, 39 percent would rather spend a day in the Aston Martin than a night with a Bond girl; That was the result of a Forsa survey of 1,000 men aged 19 to 35.



The best car chase movie and the movie starring the most stylish actor of all! This is “Bullitt”: Lieutenant Frank Bullitt (Steve McQueen) from the San Francisco Police Department is supposed to protect a key witness. When he dies, he investigates and ends up taking the bad guys out of circulation. Not more spectacular? Wait a minute: Lieutenant Brit drives this dark green ’68 Ford Mustang GT, which sounds like he can win the 24 Hours of Le Mans. Then, put two hitmen on a black Dodge Charger for a spectacular 10-minute chase of San Francisco. Squat, hold and drive!


Tucker Man and his dream car

Preston Toemaster (Jeff Bridges) on the idea of ​​building the world’s most advanced and safe car with fuel injection, seat belts, cornering lights, and four disc brakes. I’m a crazy idealist. More drag coefficient 0, 27 In the late 1940s, none of these were mass-produced. Is it a pretty crazy story that Francis Ford Coppola shot in the ’80s? No way: the man and his science fiction car really existed. Its seriousness is still debated by scholars to this day, but its Tucker Torpedo was actually revolutionary and made established competitors in Detroit and Dearborn twitch.



Kill or be killed. The oldest natural law in the world sometimes applies on the street too. Passing the wrong guy, like David Mann (Dennis Weaver), a bored businessman with a properly fitted tie. With his bright red 1971 Plymouth Valiant, he is on business trips on lonely Californian highways. Mann’s fatal mistake: he overtakes a smelly, badly rusted Peterbilt tanker truck. And thus becomes the target of a diabolical trucker who wants to transport him to the afterlife. The weapon: the truck. Escape by accelerating impossible, downhill the Peterbilt is faster.



A coffee machine, a razor in the steering wheel hub, a flashlight in the rear light or a grill integrated into the front of the radiator – there are more gimmicks in Monsieur Hulot’s “Camping Car”, a converted Renault 4 F6, than in James Bond’s Aston Martin. The story: Monsieur Hulot brings the Renault 4 Camper by truck from Paris to the Amsterdam Motor Show. However, gigantic traffic jams – see gotu recovery for car recovery and services, strange breakdowns, and a hyperactive PR agent make Monsieur Hulot more and more nervous and the chaos perfect. Brilliant!