For a variety of reasons, manufacturers cannot always supervise the production all. In this case, the principal manufacturer can hire and delegate work to executive producers, line producers, or unit manufacturing managers.

Throughout the”discovery phase,” the producer finds and chooses promising material for growth.

The producer also supervises production, the pre-production, and post-production phases of filmmaking. Among the most important tasks is to seek the services of the director and other key crew members. Whereas the manager makes the creative choices throughout the production, the manufacturer typically handles the logistics and business operations, even though some supervisors also create their own films.

The producer is tasked with making sure the film is delivered in time and within budget,and has the last say on decisions. Finally, the producer will oversee the marketing and supply . A film producer is somebody who manages the creation of a film.

Either employed by a manufacturing firm or operating independently, producers plan and coordinate different aspects of film production, like selecting the script; organizing composing, directing, and editing; and arranging funding.