A horror movie is a movie that works to evoke fear. Originally inspired by literature from writers like Edgar Allan Poe, Bram Stoker, and Mary Shelley, terror has been around as a movie genre for at least a century. The supernatural and the macabre are themes.

Horror can also overlap with the dream , supernatural fiction, and thriller music genres. Some sub-genres of terror movie include low-budget terror, action terror, humor horror, body terror ,tragedy horror, discovered footage, holiday terror , terror drama, emotional terror , science fiction terror , slasher, supernatural terror , gothic terror , natural terror , zombie terror , first-person terror, and adolescent horror.

Horror films often aim to provoke audiences’ nightmares, anxieties , revulsions and terror of these anonymous. Plots within the horror genre frequently demand the intrusion of an wicked force, occasion, or personage to the regular world.