Films with certain common characteristics are grouped under a film genre. This can be about the place or time of action, narrative form, mood, or the general topic.

Some popular film genres


The adventure film is usually only for entertainment and is often set in frequently changing and exotic locations. The genre thrives on special effects and is closely related to the action film, in which the protagonist stumbles from one fight or chase scene to the next.


The action film genre is related to that of the adventure film and shares with it the great importance of entertainment. A typical plot of action films includes the hunt for or fighting a villain by a heroic protagonist and is peppered with fast-paced car chases, stunts, and battle scenes.


Loss, death, happiness, and persecution often shape the background of a drama. Often the story is set in a real environment and the exploration of the people in the center is flanked by deeply emotional or social aspects.


Fantasy films take place outside of normal reality. The location of the action often arises from the human imagination or a dream – a fantasy film is often based on a fairy tale or a legend.


Horror films usually address audience fears and create thrills not normally experienced in real life. Often fantastic, non-real creatures or supernatural phenomena come into play.


The thriller is characterized by a consistently maintained tension, which is also a characteristic of the horror film. The plot is often a game of cat and mouse between a protagonist and a villain. Thrillers usually manifest themselves as a mixed form with influences from other genres, especially action, crime, and horror.

Western film

As the only genre that originated on the North American continent, the western also played exclusively in America from the 1850s to the 1890s. Events like the war against the Indians, the construction of the transcontinental railroad, or the American Civil War took place at this time.

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