The internet and the World Wide Web, telecommunication such as smartphones and the voip phone system, these are a few innovated technologies to make communication easier and more convenient. With these innovations comes correct usage and etiquette. For example, your smartphones aren’t supposed to be used during a movie inside the theater.

At this moment, each and every movie viewer knows it’s impolite and ill-mannered to chat or talk on their smartphone throughout a film; yet there are those who are bad-mannered to do so. Talking on the phone while the movie is playing is discourteous since it disturbs and distracts those sitting in front, behind, and next to you. You step in the theater to watch a show, not to have chats on the phone.  Phones should be switched off or placed in silent mode to avoid disturbing and the viewers around you.

Adhere to courteous practices when watching a movie to completely enjoy it and not disrupt others as well. Here are a few:

Be on Time

It is common courteousness for everybody to be punctual for anything, and being in the theaters on time for the movie has is no different. Fortunately, for those who are usually tardy, most movie theaters list the time of the show for when the adverts and movie trailers begin. This is up to 20 minutes prior to when the actual feature movie begins. This allows enough time for you to arrive at the theater, grab some snacks at the concession and find your seats before they switch off the lights. If the show that you are going to watch is something popular, know that the theater will be full, and there would likely be a line. Therefore, show up 30 to 20 minutes earlier before the show to get the best seats best seat in the house.

Don’t Slow Down or Hold Up the Line

Most movie theaters show several movies that start at dissimilar schedules, be aware that even though you might have ample time to grab some munchies at the snack bar, the individual after you might only have a less than a minute. While waiting for your turn, start deciding on snacks that you will be having and ready your payment. By doing so, everybody gets to be on time.

Talking About the Movie in the Lobby

When the film is over, you might find yourself enthralled in the elation of a great movie as you return to the lobby. Remember and be mindful that there will be individuals who will be seeing the same film for the first time, or are planning to watch it soon. Save any plot details as well as spoilers to yourself.