Watching movies in television is part of everyday life in almost all families. It can stimulate and entertain children, impart knowledge and inform them.

Why is television so fascinating?

After books and audio media, television becomes the number one medium for children from an early age. Two to three year olds watch TV more or less regularly, almost every day. From around the age of four, television then becomes increasingly important and daily use increases significantly.

Even small children are fascinated by the colorful, moving images, sounds and music. The television casts them under its spell, and together with the heroes of their favorite movie they experience adventures and discover the world. Television drives away boredom, brings fun and excitement. And it is a kind of “window to the world” through which children can learn about the world.


Television can easily overwhelm children

Television is also dangerous – especially for children. It can overwhelm them, frighten them or disturb them, or it can “play” a supposedly real world for them. And it can take up so much time that there is no time left for other important and beautiful things like playing, reading and getting enough exercise. Together with parents, children can learn to understand and classify television content better and better, but above all to limit television times and select meaningful offers. As parents, you are your child’s companion, but also a role model.

Movies and television – when and where the family likes it

Films and television programs are now available on many devices: in addition to the “classic” television set, the use of other screen media in combination with the Internet is increasing rapidly in families. Children check YouTube likes of the movies and videos they want to watch.

Video, movies and also the TV broadcasters’ media libraries, which are accessible on the Internet via computers, tablets or smartphones, offer families in particular many advantages. They make it possible to watch programs films that have been recorded, rented or purchased can then be seen when it is convenient. Or you can look at them on the Internet at a convenient time. This means that family life does not have to be based on broadcast dates.