There are an infinite number of movies about addiction and recovery on the market, and several are well done and therefore are very inspirational, even decades or years following their launch. Seeing others overcame their battles with alcohol and drugs, whether or not the narrative is literary or biographical, can be hugely uplifting and may be a motivational force for the viewer according to an Arizona drug rehab center. Possibly a film session is exactly what you want to get you from a chilly funk and also to remind you about the reasons you chose your own new and healthier lifestyle — and everything might happen to your own world in the event that you ever went back into using.


Mary Elizabeth Winstead plays with Kate Hannah, an alcoholic elementary school teacher who’s just barely holding her entire life together in the start of the movie. Following a particularly tough few times, a co-worker, Dave, who’s a recovering alcoholic, invites her into an AA meeting. After connecting with folks there, she decides to become sober and alter her life. Unfortunately, her husband played with Breaking Bad’s Aaron Paul, proceeds to abuse alcohol, making her continuing sobriety challenging.

When a Man Loves a Woman

Meg Ryan received a nomination for Best Female Actress in a Major Role from the Screen Actors Guild for her performance as an alcoholic mother in this 1994 movie. In this picture, she plays with Alice Green, a college counselor and mother of 2. Following a particularly traumatic afternoon with her kids, her husband forces her to confront the fact of her dependence and she enrolls in rehabilitation. Though she’s largely successful there, her newfound freedom induces a strain on the Green union.

My Name is Bill W

This made-for-television CBS Hallmark Hall of Fame film is a biographical accounts of the lives of William Griffith Wilson and Dr. Robert Hokbrook Smith, M.D., the founders of Alcoholics Anonymous. James Woods plays with Wilson, known to AA members as Bill W., also won an Emmy for his function. The film follows Bill W. and Dr. Bob (James Garner) during their alcoholism, fulfilling, and subsequent formation of a service team that eventually become the Alcoholics Anonymous organization.


William”Whip” Whitaker, Sr, played by Denzel Washington, is an airline pilot who manages to rescue the majority of his passengers at a epic landing following mechanical failure. Regrettably, the following investigation into the problem contributes to discovery of the cocaine addiction and alcoholism, and his entire world starts to come crashing down This movie is a sensible look at the methods by which things often start to fall apart at the seams to get several addicts that believed they had been holding it together nicely for ages.

Films often give us a opportunity to have a glimpse into the lifestyles of the others, and at times give us the chance to look more closely at ourselves, too. These pictures may remind audiences of their own struggles with alcohol and drugs, but also demonstrate that these dependences can be overcome in time and with appropriate support and potency.