While you could paint a room or an area in your home by yourself, it is best to hire the services of a reliable professional painter, such as painters Perth, when it comes to painting a larger section of your home or your entire home, whether in the interior or exterior. Not only will you save yourself time and effort, but also ensure quality work with quality paint.

Kind Of Paint Finish For Home Theater

Giving a room color will greatly change or contribute to the ambience, tone and mood of the space. Apart from this, not many know that it could also be beneficial to one’s health as the right paint could seal out moisture which protects surfaces from being saturated wherein it could eventually be tainted with pathogens such as mildew or mold. Furthermore, paint could repel dirt, dust, as well as allergens from the wall surfaces, so that these could be easily swept off or vacuumed from the floor. To get these benefits, check out painters Perth to start giving your home the paint job it needs.

When it comes to designing your own home theater, choosing the right paint color could actually help lessen the glare from your screen. Apart from windows and mirrors, walls could be reflective as well. It is then imperative to choose the right wall and ceiling colors for your home theater. Hence, avoid paint that are glossy, semi-glossy or those with a satin finish since these kinds of paint could reflect light and cause distraction to viewers. Many professional painters and designers recommend using matte finish paint or eggshell finish paint because these kinds don’t reflect or produce any reflection.

Paint Colors For Your Home Theater

When choosing a paint color for your home theater, consider something that will make your screen the focal point or the key feature in the room, which is actually the case for home theaters. Selecting a paint color must not be about making an impression or making your home much more luxurious, rather it should be about looking for an effective solution to match and balance out the overall design of your home theater without the screen being overpowered by it. With that, lets have a look at some of the best home theater paint color.

  • BLACK. Black paint creates a frame effect wherein your screen becomes the focal point as it helps eliminate light in the room. However, black could be an intense color making you feel overwhelmed and could make the room look smaller.
  • BROWN. Usually associated with security, comfort, and warmth, brown could evoke a more relaxed feeling compared to black while still putting focus to the screen. However, it best to use various shades of brown to give your home theater a multilayered appearance as it could be a challenging color to complement or match with. Blue could be used as an accent color to balance out the brown.
  • DARKER SHADES OF RED. If you would want your home theater to look more luxurious and elegant, opt for darker shades of red.  With the right kind of lighting, you could create a unique impact as well as manipulate the tone and mood in your home theater.