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I know most of us have been inside a taxi, whether it is the iconic yellow taxis of New York City, the black cabs of London town, schiphol taxi https://schipholtaxi.xyz or the more inconspicuous cars of smaller firms, the public service these drivers perform is one we rely upon day after day. The question is, how are taxi drivers depicted in cinema?

Here are some of the best movies about taxi drivers which you may want to watch during holidays.

1. Scrooged (Donner, USA, 1988) 

The story is about Bill Burray, who gets more than he bargained for when he catches a cab in New York City. The unscrupulous TV exec has made enough enemies during his selfish life that he has invited the wrath of Dickens’ ghosts of Christmas Past, Present, and Future. It is the Ghost of Christmas Past who whisks him away in a taxi to a simpler time.

2. Taxi! (Del Ruth, USA, 1932) 

This is the oldest taxi drivers film. Taxi! sees a bunch of drivers forced to band together to battle a ruthless mob intent on dominating the industry. James Cagney stars as one of a group of cabbies who refuse to be bullied by the gang threatening their livelihood.

3.Taxi (Pires, France, 1998) 

You will definitely feel the need for speed when you get in Gerard Pires’ 1998 film Taxi. Daniel works as a taxi driver but really wants to be in a racing car. However, with a supercharged engine under the hood of his road car, he gets his passengers from “A” to “B” in super-quick time.

4, My Son the Fanatic (Prasad, UK, 1997) 

Om Puri is the taxi driver in Udayan Prasad’s film based on the short story of the same name by Hanif Kureishi. Puri is increasingly troubled by his son’s worrying behaviour after he converts to fundamentalist Islam.

5. Collateral (Mann, USA, 2004) 

Jamie Foxx finds himself driving the wrong shift when contract killer Vincent (played by Tom Cruise) enters his cab. It is a big payday for the taxi driver but at what cost. Luckily for Foxx, he equips himself well. So if you’re in need of this kind of chauffeur service (door-to-door transport for each assassination), head to Los Angeles and ask for Max Durocher.