When creating high quality videos in a short format, Instagram’s Reels proves itself as the right platform  whether for entertainment or educational purposes. Instagram Reels feature has only been in the platform but creators find that competition is already tough. One way to make a killer Instagram Reels video clip is to give your creation a touch of cinematic-like quality.

Creators of Instagram Reels find various creative editing tools that allow them to add audio, filters, text, graphic elements and more to make their video clips intriguing. Users can choose to upload it to their General feed in addition to the Reels feed, which dedicated for video clips associated with their profiles.

However, this early as more and more creators are competing with numerous social media content created via Reels, the need to improve the quality of videos can make a difference when looking to attract more Reels audience.

Quality is important and who better to emulate as masters of quality videos than film makers and cinematographers. Below are some useful video editing tips to make your 15- to 30-second video clips attain cinematic-like qualities.

Applying Cinema-like Edits to Spice Up One’s Reels Content

The first step in adding cinematic edits to your content in Reels is to think of yourself as a film director working on a big project by following and sticking to a shot list.

Shot lists are documents, which in ordinary people’s vocab means  checklists, which in the cinema world is used for storyboards, whilst describing the shots needed to depict a video scene. A shot list can help a Reels creator have a sense of direction when adding multiple clips in a short video.

Make it a point to mix various angles as many Reels found in the platform have not yet harnessed the creative aspects of using different angles the way some scenes are presented in movies. However, it is also important not to over use multi angles as this can impact the quality of a short video clip.

Keep your footage transitions smooth, and for this purpose utilize Instagram Reels’ latest editing tools like the Camera Booth, Multi-Capture Mode, in addition to the older Timer and Countdown, and Align tools.

Use the Speed tool, to keep motions consistent throughout the video and try not to overuse the slow-motion effect because you are creating a short clip only.

Don’t be too taken with all the editing tools available to you as you could lose focus on the storytelling aspect of your video creation. Stay focused by making sure all your editing gives justice to the story you want convey via your Reels video.

Avoid using fancy transitions and AR effects excessively. Use only the right transitions and make sure they suit the mood of your video and audio. You don’t always have to be on the same beat as the music but make sure transitions occur smoothly.

It’s always best to use natural colors as colors have the ability to convey emotions, so its best to keep colors in natural tones instead of striking.

Quality is Important But So Does Quantity

If your aiming to be highlighted on Reels, it is important to possess both quantity and quality in order to stay relevant. Unless you haven’t noticed by now, once a month or occasional posting will not lead your Instagram content to the top of the feeds list.

When organizing a schedule as to when create and post IG content like Reels and Stories taking note of the time when Instagram posts magically appeared at the top of the Explore page. Analyze at what time of the days or period of the week your followers viewed, liked and/or commented on your posts, by using analytic tools like sharemyinsights (https://sharemyinsights.com/blog/instagram-analytics-tools). Through the analysis, you will know the best times to post your creations and make sure to follow a time schedule based on those analyses.